The Coolest Suburb in America’s 35 Biggest Metro Areas

the-coolest-suburb-in-america-s-35-biggest-metro-areas-picPittsburgh, PA: Dormont

Population: 8,593
Where to eat/drink: The Dor-Stop, Fredo’s Delicatessen, Jamison’s, back in Pittsburgh

If you haven’t read everywhere, Pittsburgh is the NEW. HOT. FOOD. TOWN. So it’s likely important, if you’re forced to move out of said hot food epicenter, that you have a way to quickly get back into the mix. Dormont (not to be confused with dormant) does, thanks to its access to Pittsburgh’s light rail, which can put you into the middle of the city in nine minutes. That is a record for any of our suburbs, by the way. It is just one square mile long (wide?), but has those silly-handsome craftsmen homes I always see on the wish list during House Hunters, from which you can walk to its completely respectable “Downtown” dining area (less of a concern here considering you’re NINE MINUTES from the city). Oh, and it also has one of the “largest municipal pools in Pennsylvania.” Win-win-win. — KA


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