Morning in America Locals Pick the Best Breakfasts, Coast to Coast

Pittsburgh: Ham From the Bone at Dor-Stop

[Photograph: Michael Fornataro]

I’m devoted to the Dor-Stop for many reasons, but maybe above all because I think the true test of a diner is its potatoes. And this one serves them Lyonnaise-style, O’Brien-style, griddled into crisp potato pancakes or home fries, as well as mashed or French-fried (and served right on your sandwich, if you like, because this is Pittsburgh). That’s true hospitality. My go-to breakfast at the Dor-Stop is Ham From the Bone, and not just because it has the best and straight-shootin’-est diner-breakfast-menu name of all time. This hearty yet, in its way, pleasingly austere plate comprises ham cut, yes, from the bone; two eggs (I order mine sunny-side up); potato pancakes (or home fries, if you prefer—as if); and toast. It’s not flashy. It’s not especially pretty. But it presents all the salty, crunchy, fatty, gooey, sustaining things I want in a breakfast on a certain kind of morning, free of any distracting frippery.


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